Srilankan sex video album

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Duran Duran travelled to the island of Antigua in May 1982 to film the vivid music video for "Rio", which featured iconic images of the band in colourful Antony Price silk suits, singing and playing around on a yacht sailing the Caribbean.Short segments show band members trying to live out their assorted daydreams, only to be teased, tormented, and made fools of by a body-painted vixen.The video for this track begins with Le Bon finding a dusty old photograph of the aforementioned freeze-frame closing of the Planet Earth video on the floor of an abandoned building in London.This segues into a lovely yet melancholy album track containing a series of colour sections, in which a beautiful woman in a flowing dress wanders about the tropical settings of Sri Lanka, drawing the attention of various band members.Fairly primitive by the band's later standards, the video was shot on a sound stage at St John's Wood.

It was certified Gold by the RIAA (Billboard magazine for the week ending November 24, 1984).

The band members talk and laugh while Le Bon sings savagely to the camera.

This video was re-edited for the video album, with some scenes replaced. Johns Wood studio that was decorated entirely in red, black and white.

The music for the video is the David Kershenbaum re-mix of the studio track, which contains an alternate chorus lyric in the closing section of the song.

This video was filmed in a decorated flat and on the streets around Soho.

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