Park yong ha eugene dating Sex wrapopped

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Hmm I doesn't watch wonderful life yet, but based on rumor, bet LJH need hard work to can't work with eugene there? Not just because they have great chemistry on screen in Hello! I have seen the NGs (which means No Good/bloopers) of the series and Ji Hoon and Dae Hee sure had the spark between them. and i ha8 those people who posting bad things about eugene.... do hyun(jihoon) will sacrifice his luv 4 sejin(eugene)... or any forum that eugene is one of the topic like this??? I don't really like Eugene as I don't have that good impression on her, so I'll not choose her and Ji Hoon even though they were dating in the past. [font="Verdana"][size=2][color="#A0522D"]Now if I were to choose, between Eugene and Lee Dae Hee for Ji Hoon, I would prefer Lee Dae Hee.

Reason : The chemistry was really "ON" is not allowed, they professional, I mean no private feeling before ... And to think that he did not really dwell on the cheating issue to the public because he knew that Eugene will be so affected. Now if I were to choose, between Eugene and Lee Dae Hee for Ji Hoon, I would prefer Lee Dae Hee. im not belieave that eugene can cheat on him..because she is so kind and base on what she shows to us.prove that she's not that a kind of girl!!! (maybe bcz they have they past) and base on the story of wonderful life... 2 mayann: ei mayann r u register 2 ol eugene's forum???

He was born on August 12, 1977 and died on June 30, 2010.

The Korean actor and singer, was found dead at his home in Seoul early Wednesday morning June 30, 2010 in what appeared to be a suicide, police said.

they made a drama together with kim jae won (Wonderful Life)..lee ji hoon was not the main actor....i hope they do more dramas together (Lee Ji Hoon and Eugene Kim) such a beautiful couple i hope they reconcile...

Lee Ji Hoon and Eugene is together in Wonderful Life series... i think it's called 'loving you'......was before this drama that Eugene & LJH were already together..while filming this drama, Eugene and PYH was caught together..i read lah..(dunno how true)...LJH saw PYH and Eugene together....moreover there was a pic of Eugene sitting on PYH lap..(something like dat...) ...i pity LJH though........chap.....that's the insecurity of being a celebrity........your other half is in the entertainment life can be insecure.....

So all that time he was happy and full of life, but suddenly, one day, he was so depressed that he committed suicide without thinking further? His friends said he was too tired of taking care of his father, and he was very troubled by his father’s illness (cancer).

And if he died, who would pay for his debts, if he had any?

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