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Her expert trolling not only infuriated other members in the conversation, but someone actually reported her to the kids' soccer coach.Christi found the entire situation so amusing she took to Facebook last week to share screegrabs of the conversation while apologizing to the coach for the all the anger that she incited.Isn't this your job to take control when someone steps out of their place?' Someone says Coach Juan has been made aware of the situation and will be addressing it at the meeting that night, but Christi boldly reminds them that her attendance depends on the snack situation.In fact, more than three quarters of Australian Elite Singles members told us they would happily date someone who already has children. Discover the single parent dating scene near you today!When you're a single parent, dating can present some interesting challenges.'Yeah but is everyone invited to David Beckham's home for Christmas? At this point, other members of the group chat are starting to really get riled, with one person saying: 'OK I don't know wtf is going on here but I'm getting p****d off.'Other people point out that their is a meeting later where they can discuss these comments, prompting Christi to feign innocence. 'You think your child is sooooo good then sign him up for club, and also if you think the snacks have been sucking lately, please bring your own damn snacks for your child.'The person added: 'Not only are you selfish but you also are ungrateful.Also Coach I don't see what you're not taking action with this situation.

One of the strangers tries to hit back at Christi by asking why her son is playing 'for the village' if he is so talented.

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