Kathy griffin dating steve wozniak

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"He is an awesome guy, but I have to say he is in the friends category now," Griffin, 47, told at the GLAAD Awards in L. The loves, exes and relationships of Kathy Griffin are listed here by most recent hookups. From former flames, current loves, ex-boyfriends and ex-husbands, Kathy Griffin has had many public relationships.This list contains Kathy Griffin's famous exes like Steve Wozniak and Levi Johnston.How he ever managed to work alongside the notoriously prickly Jobs is hard to imagine.Legend has it that in the early days Jobs worshiped Woz, who is a few years older and even as a teenager had gained a reputation as an electronics wizard.

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But, in classic Woz fashion, he never got around to it. Techies have been organizing online campaigns to support him.

Kathy Griffin has split from billionaire Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. "As a matter of fact," she added, "I got an email last week from him, and he is going to marry someone else... I don't really know that for sure, though." She insisted there are no hard feelings: He even appears on the upcoming season of her Bravo reality show.

But that's not such an asset when you're casting about for something to do with the last two thirds of your life.

Some tech prodigies, like Marc Andreessen of Netscape, go on to start more successful companies and generate even more wealth.

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